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Business Analytics

We combine our SQL, Tableau, Excel and Database skills with your business data to create rich views to track progress in your business.

Web Development

We listen to your needs for creative marketing, customer-facing or employee information pages and propose the best solutions for easy publishing and management of web interactions for your needs.

Web Hosting and Management

We have been doing this for years! Relax and let us take care of your domain, web hosting, email and other needs. We would like to help before things don't work the way they should. However, if something is not working we are able to identify the source and get you up and running.

Business Process Management

Learn the tools that other businesses are using to standardize their processes and become more efficient. We are able to simplify processes so that they are easy to learn and improve, we have even been innovative in realigning companies to accelerate business goals.


From technology training, to manufacturing, to business essentials, we help your team to have a clear view from your business goals to their individual tasks. We use simplified learning practices to make everything easy to remember!

Project Management

Sometimes when projects get large you need someone to manage your vendors OR you just need someone to create a structure to track your project OR you have been doing projects in Excel, Word or similar and it has not been working well for you. We offer advice on the best structure for projects, help you get the structure implemented, then help you with the projects!

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